My New Extreme Bodybuilding Workout To Get Ripped For Summer!

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Change Your Routine Often[/su_heading]Most experienced bodybuilders know that it is wise to change your routine every once in awhile so that your muscles do not get used to the same routine.  If you do the same routine each week, week after week, month after month, then your muscles will cease to be stimulated to grow!

The routine I have been on for a while is as follows:

Monday: Chest, Delts, and Triceps

Tuesday: Back, Biceps and Abs

Wednesday: Rest or Cardio

Thursday: Legs

Friday:  Chest, Delts, and Triceps

Saturday and Sunday:  Off

Monday:  Continue where you left off

This was one of my favorite routines, but I have been on it for quite some time now, so  I need to change it up.  I am going to make a radical change to how I work out so that I can maximize stimulation.   I also want to start defining and trimming down to get ready for beach fit, all while maintaining muscle size.  At this stage of the game, I also look for routines that give me the most bang for the buck, or time spent in the gym.  I just started this routine yesterday, which is a workout I borrowed from Dr. Todd Miller.  Here it is:

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This workout routine was tough, taking me every bit of 1 1/2 hours to complete!  I changed a couple of the exercises, one of which were leg extensions, which I eliminated from the routine.  Since I have been having a few aches in my knees, I feel leg extensions are not the best exercise for the knees.  After the workout, I realized I should have replaced the leg extensions with Calf Raises, so I will do that in Wednesday’s workout.  I also replaced the Hack Squat with regular squats.  Just my personal preference.

Have you noticed there are no direct arm exercises in this routine?  The idea here is that you are doing all compound or multi-joint exercises.  The arms should get more than enough stimulation from all of the other exercises.  I personally am not use to leaving out arm exercises – that’s the first thing guys feel the need to work!  But I am going to stick to the routine faithfully to see how my arms are affected.

[su_heading size=”16″]Get Plenty of Rest For Extreme Muscle Building![/su_heading]

After doing this routine, you will definitely need some good recuperation time!  I have not discussed this yet in previous posts, but rest is one of the most important aspects of bodybuilding that most people do not pay enough attention to.  When working out intensely, your body will require at least 8 hours of sleep each night and a day in between workouts.  I did 60 minutes of cardio today, but I know I will really be feeling it tomorrow!  Remember, muscles grow after they have been stimulated – not during the workout.  Muscles grow after the fibers have been torn down, then they rebuild while you are resting.  If you do not get enough rest, you run the risk of over training and losing muscle instead of gaining muscle!

Just to be clear for all of the new beginners out there, do not start with this routine the way it is laid out here!  For beginners to use this, you would need to start slow, with lighter weights and more reps (2 or 3 sets of 10-12 reps).  Keep your workouts to under an hour.  For the first week or two, you will feel sore – that is normal.  Once your muscles are used to working out, the soreness for the most part will be minimal.  Remember the old saying,”No pain, no gain!”

Let me know your thoughts on this routine.   Stay with it for awhile to see great results!

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