My first fitness blog post!

Hey everyone!

Welcome to my first blog post in health and fitness!

I have been involved in fitness for most of my life and I think it is about time I wright about my experiences.  This is sort of an experiment for me.  You see, I just started a blog in the internet marketing niche, which is another one of my passions.  (If that is one of yours too, please visit that blog by clicking on this link at

Anyhow, I am involved in a coaching program in internet marketing and this is one of my first projects.  They teach you to start a blog in something that you are passionate about, since it will be much easier to come up with content, and if you are really interested in a subject, you will have more fun doing it without it becoming drudgery!

Writing does not come easy for me, so my early posts will probably take longer than usual!  If you are wondering what coaching program I am involved in, let’s just say, it is too early to review yet.  I am only on the second week of the program and I would not want to promote something or give my seal of approval until I know for sure.  I know this guy is very successful and I have met other successful students of his.  I am putting all my faith in him that he will guide me properly on this journey.

Having said that, I hope to do the same for you!  I have found through trial and error – mostly error, that if you really want to succeed at something really big, it would behoove you to hire a coach!  Why is a coach necessary you ask?  Well, most things are possible to achieve on your own.  If you are really determined and focused on the task, you will eventually succeed!  But at what cost?

How long will it take you to reach your goals on your own and how much money will you spend trying to get there?  Most people do not realize that the most successful people have become who they are because they had great coaches along the way.

Look at sports for example.  Tiger Woods, probably one of the best pro golfers the sport has ever seen, would not have gotten where he is today without having a great coach!

I kinda look at coaching like this.  For example, if you had to buy a kit car and it was delivered to you in a million different pieces, but it had blueprints on how it went together, could you eventually put it together?  Probably, for some.  Probably not for most other people.  What if you had a master mechanic that was there to tell you what pieces to assemble first, what not to do, and how to get it all together in the most efficient manner?  It is a different story now isn’t it?  That’s the value of a good coach!

When you embark on your fitness journey, remember a good coach will get you to your goals the quickest, healthiest, and most effective manner possible.

If you want real honest advice for getting the best health and fitness results, please subscribe to my blog!  Thanks for reading and I wish you success in your fitness goals!

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