Part 1: How to achieve extreme weight loss from your bodybuilding diet and workout!

 bodybuilding workoutLet’s talk about supplements today.  There is much debate as to whether supplements are beneficial to achieving the results that we are looking for.  The answer is…it depends.  I know that is not what you wanted to hear, but let me delve into that a bit further.

Most of the foods that we put into our bodies today do not have the same nutrient content of the foods our grandparents ate.  We have so much more processed foods that are bleached of their vital nutrients; they are often not as fresh, and most of us do not spend the necessary time to eat a wholesome, vitamin-rich meal.  Add to the fact that when we push our bodies to the extreme limits, such as when we are exercising intensely, our bodies need much more than we can consume in the foods that are available.

For bodybuilders and dieters trying to lose weight, supplements become more important and necessary!  Like most people, for years I never paid enough attention to the importance of nutrition in my training regimen.  I thought it was all about the workout.  That is why I never really got the results I was looking for until I was introduced to Advocare’s supplements a few years ago by a customer of mine.  Their claim was that they produced  the best quality and most effective formula of nutrients in each supplement, thereby giving you results not found in most other supplements on the market.  Their proof was all of the testimonials from customers, non-paid pro athlete endorsements , their Sci/Medical board, Sports Advisory Council, and Drew Brees as their national spokesperson.

When I started the supplements I was not expecting much, but I really liked their top selling product, Spark Energy Drink.  I ended up investing in a distributorship, mainly to get a great discount on the products, but something crazy happened after about a month or two.  I started trying some of their other products, such as Catalyst, Meal Replacement Shakes, and the Cleanse.  I was not trying to lose weight or anything, because at that time, I thought I was at my ideal weight, even though later I realized I had a bit of a gut!

My body started to slowly get lean and ripped!  My veins were popping out everywhere and I was showing abs that I did not  think I could ever show!  People at my gym starting noticing and asking me what drugs I had been taking to make such rapid changes.  You see, up until that time, I had been going to the gym off and on since I was 17, but this was the first time after nearly five straight years working out, that I actually got the body that everyone dreams of having!

But the skepticism in me kept me from believing it was the supplements!  Not until I started weaning off of Advocare did I realize there was something really special about those supplements.  Could they really be telling the truth?  I just could not get past the fact that most all the other companies out there do not put in the bottle what is on their labels.  The fact is, there really is no watchdog to make sure that you are getting what is printed on the label.

I had an opportunity to go to one of their company conventions one summer in Texas where I got to meet the doctors on the Sci/Medical board.  These doctors were highly regarded in their fields, and I am sure they would not risk their reputations by endorsing supplements that were not exactly as advertised, especially since many of these doctors were consulted in their formulations.

One of the newer doctors that was invited to the board was Dr. Todd Miller.  If I remember correctly, his research  specialized in physical development and he had access to some of the best research and testing equipment.  When he described his experiences with the product, the same thing happened to him as it did with me!  He started trying the supplements with no rhyme or reason, and before he realized it, he was getting ripped as well.  Just look at his before and after picture below. bodybuilding diet


Incredible results don’t you think?  If you want to find out more about Advocare, just go to  I think Dr. Todd left the advisory board after about a year, because as an advisor, you cannot be an Advocare distributor.  When he saw how well some of the people at the convention were doing with it, he decided to become a distributor himself, since he was so convinced these products were the “real deal.”

I really want to give you a Dr’s viewpoint on weightloss and bodybuilding, that is why I feel it important to include Dr. Todd’s, “The Miller Method,” video series in the next several posts.  What he describes in the video series is based on scientific research.  I hope you enjoy it and I welcome your feedback.  If you like the content I provide and want to get notified of new posts, please subscribe on the form to the right.  Also, please share socially.  Thanks!

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