Critical Steps You Should Take Before Starting a Fitness Progam

Strong is the new SkinnySo have you made the decision to get fit?  If so, and if you really want to see results FAST, you really need to decide in your mind that you are going to do this.  There is no trying here.  You must do.  You have to put in the work required to get results.  It will be a lot of hard work, but it will be worth it when you start carving out the body you imagine yourself having!

If you are looking for a magic pill to shed the pounds without putting in the work, they are out there!  Yeah, you heard that right.  But I promise you this, all of the weight you lost will come back and you will end up gaining even more weight!  And the pills – they are definitely not good for you.  So if you have been looking for an easy way to get results, there aren’t any.  No magic bullets.  Just pure, hard workouts and most importantly, a proper diet to fuel that workout.  Just don’t fall for all of the marketing hype!

In order to achieve long lasting results you must change your lifestyle.  We are not talking about starving yourself.  In fact, if you feed your body properly, you will be eating even more than you probably do now.  Fit people hardly ever starve themselves.  They eat more…lots more!  What you need to understand is that when you start to train, you will be feeding your body the proper foods that will build lean muscle.

Before you start any kind of training or diet plan, please get a physical by your doctor to make sure you do not have any unknown problems.  If you are in your teens or twenties, there probably is not much for concern, but you never know.  If you are over 40, your hormone levels may have started to change.  It is definitely wise to have your hormones checked by an internal medicine doctor that specializes in hormone replacement therapy.

When I started back in the gym a few years ago, I was hitting it hard for about a year, when I realized my muscle tone was not hard and firm, but soft.  I was very frustrated because I had been eating “clean” and working really hard on my routine, but I could not get that firmness that the younger guys have.  When I asked the gym manager what I am doing wrong, the first thing he asked was my age.  When I told him I was 45, he immediately suggested I go see his doctor.  Come to find out, the blood tests showed my testosterone levels had started to decline and my estrogen levels started to rise.  Not good for men!

Once the doctor prescribed the proper hormone regimen, my workouts started to become more productive and my energy levels were much higher.  After a couple of months, people started noticing the changes in my physique, which meant I was now on the right path.

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